Is this scorching heat sucking up every liter of your body fluid? The increasing temperature is affecting the most part of whole nation. Even the fan could not cope up with this atmosphere, it just circulates hot air round and round the room. Well Air conditioner is an ideal solution but it may not be for every one. Firstly, it costs a lot and secondly, it’s power hungry. Thus ordinary people may not even dream to afford it in poor countries.  The summer is troubling the hell out of people and obviously everyone needs some quick, easy and cost effective way to cool down, isn’t it? Now your wait is over. I have some nifty tricks to build your own A/C at the least possible investment. You don’t need to empty your pocket to let cool air flow throughout your room. So lets begin.

Required materials:

  • 1 plastic bucket with tight cover/lid
  • Approximately 2 feet long PVC pipe
  • 1 small fan
  • Ice cubes
  • Cutter/ Knife to cut holes in a bucket
  • Sign pen/ marker
  • tape

Lets build a home made AC

Step 1:

place the cover on a bucket and mark the size of a fan on the cover with marker. You will need to cut the cover of the bucket so as to fit the fan facing inside the bucket.

step 1


Step 2:

Now cut the cover/lid of the bucket so as to fit the fan facing inside the bucket.

step 2


Step 3:

Now place the fan sturdily on the cut out area of the cover. And to keep the fan in place use the tape. But be careful not to cover all the vents of the fan. place the tape on the edges of the fan to fix it in place.

step 3


Step 4:

Now cut the PVC pipe in to 3 equal pieces. And make 3 holes in the upper part of the bucket so as to insert those 3 PVC pipe pieces as shown in the figure below. You can use tape to fix the pipes in place and to seal any gaps.

step 4


Step 5:

Now place the ice cubes inside the bucket. And place the cover (with fan) on the bucket. Turn on the fan. Fan will now suck in surrounding air and directs inside the bucket where ice cubes lowers down the temperature of air instantly and is forced out of the 3 PVC pipes joint to the bucket.

step 5


Now within no time the home made AC will cool your closed room. Use it as per your need. Neither expensive materials nor higher electricity bills. Isn’t it great. However you need to manage Ice cubes daily as per your need. But i don’t think that’s a difficult task. You can use cold water instead of Ice but the effect won’t be as cool as that of chilled ice bergs.
Enjoy your home made AC with your family and friend.

Stay tuned for more interesting Life hacks, Tips and Tricks.


(Source: Zoomnp)

Build Your Own 99% Cheaper Home Made A/C
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