Undoubtedly Facebook is a standout amongst the most famous and surely is the biggest and most popular social communication destinations on the planet, having a great number of dynamic clients and getting a large number of new clients daily implies this site is developing quick. We have chosen to share the most recent tips and traps that may discover helpful for you. These tips are by and by tried and experimented with and they are working fine furthermore they are appealing traps to experiment with. So there are numerous tricks, let me demonstrate some working traps with simple steps: –

Inviting all of your friends to Like your Page:

Facebook business or group, both pages are popular by their Likes and Followers, To achieve popularity furthermore accomplishment through your page for business advancement you have to get likes. Really getting likes are not any more hard, Using the tool you can increase followers and likes swiftly. But those are fake Likes and no more impact your page, So to expand discussing and keep your page alive you have to get active users like from your companions. Inviting one by one is extremely exhausting work. Here are simple and basic traps utilizing that you can invite all companions in a tick.

Firstly, you need to visit your Facebook page.

Now click the 3 dots […] button beside the Message button.

Choose “invite Friends” from the options. (In some accounts you may not find this option.In such case use different account)

After selecting Invite Friends, you will see the list of your friends.

Now scroll down all friends.


A console box opens up in your browser. (Some browser may warn you with the message that, this is an developer option and not to use it).

Now just copy and paste the code in the console. (Don’t worry, the is free from any suspicious code or hacking script)

var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }

The code runs through loop and gets all of your friends invited to like your page. (This may take a while depending upon the number of friends on your list.)

Lost or deleted your messages? Here is how you can get it back:

This trick might be mystery for you. Assuming, sadly if lost your messages and you’re seeking to get back those messages again in your inbox, then this trap will be best for you. As I wanna let you know that Facebook saves all our data in an archive, And Facebook permits to download your file to your PC, Using that we would be able to investigate our erased Facebook message and all discussion back. Let me show complete technique about this.

Go to setting option in your facebook profile.

Now click General.

You will find an option “Download a copy of your facebook data”.

download facebook archieve data

After clicking, you wil be redirected to a page with a button “Start My Archieve”. Click that button.

start download facebook archieve

Next, you need to type your password. Then all of your archive will be sent to your email. Just download it and go through all of your lost memories.

Blank Status, Comments and Messages are cool:

These sort of trick makes this social site lot more interesting , Many time you are seeing that people doing blank comments, status  furthermore blank messages, So if you are seeking about these sort traps then perhaps this post will be valuable for you.

To share Blank Status Updates simply Post Pres Alt +0173.

To share Blank Comments on Friends stratus Updates Press Alt +0173.

For Mobile simply give speeches and Copy space and post on comments and status or type  @ [0:]

To send Blank back messages to your friends Press Alt +0173.

Accept all of your Facebook friend request in a click:

Yes utilizing codes and deceives you can do anything in few ticks, this trick is really astonishing, If you are seeing much pending companions requests and you wanna acknowledge all without giving additional time then this trap may be helpful for you. Utilizing it you can acknowledge all friends request in a tick so let me guide you.

In the first place Go to on Pending friend request page.

Now just copy beneath codes and paste on address bar and tap on Go.

javascript:for( i = 1;i<document.getElementsByName(“actions[accept]”).length;i++){document.getElementsByName(“actions[accept]”)[i].click();}void(0);

wait few seconds and BINGO, all of your friend requests are accepted. As easy as that.

Convert your Facebook profile into page:

I think this trick is truly amazing utilizing this you can get lot of page likes in matter of no time, As you know that this amazing social network allows you to add five thousand companions in an account and furthermore permits you  to change your own profile into fan page. So you can change over all of your friends into your followers. If you are planning to create a page and you wanna get some quick likes then you can utilize this technique. In the first place simply make a profile and make a larger number of friends than simply change it into a fan page and you get five thousand friends/ followers.

Simply Go To Migrate page and Follow guidelines. And just choose the required category and follow their instructions and you are done.



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